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A Product of the American Dream

I arrived in this country as a refugee from Ukraine when it was still part of the Soviet Union with my single mother and grandparents. We didn't speak English, survived on food stamps and lived in low income housing in Baltimore City. I remember my first day at public school, seeing my fellow students recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and not knowing a single word they were saying.

My mother played the role of both parents, while working as a seamstress to make ends meet and attending community college in the evenings to learn English and earn her bookkeeping certificate. Life was not easy but I learned from an early age the meaning of perseverance and hard work. I knew that because of my mother’s sacrifices, I had the opportunity to make something of myself. I started working at the age of 14 at a local bagel shop and I’ve worked ever since.

American, by choice

As soon as I turned 18, I applied to be an American citizen. At my citizenship ceremony, I recited the most meaningful Pledge of Allegiance of my life and I knew in that moment just how fortunate I was to be given this opportunity that most people around the world can only dream of.

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Academically and professionally accomplished

I completed my studies in 3 years with a Bachelor's degree in Economics while working full-time in the financial industry. After graduation, I joined the world of national defense and earned a Master's degree in engineering from The Johns Hopkins University while working full-time. After spending over a decade in the defense and intelligence communities, I voluntarily resigned to run for Congress. 

Why I'm Running

Politicians in our current environment are out of touch and all you see is infighting instead of collaboration. It is my generation’s time to get involved and change that toxic climate. As an immigrant from an oppressive regime, I don’t take the freedoms in this nation for granted. It’s my civic duty to get involved and support our society. That’s why I’m running for Congress. To set an example of serving my nation, to represent my neighbors, and to leave the system better off for the next generation.

I have lived in Arlington, VA for almost a decade and I am living and experiencing the issues that we are all facing together in our community. As your Congresswoman, I will engage with everyone, regardless of party affiliation to represent your interests. I will prioritize introducing common sense solutions and work across the aisle for our district over engaging in partisan politics. I will advocate for common-sense policies that fight crime, reduce inflation, ease transportation and improve our educational standards.

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Common Sense Solutions Before Partisan Politics

As someone with the nation's highest level of security clearance classification, I'm well aware of the external and internal threats facing our country. Our enemies know that we are weaker when we are divided. Let’s be honest – there are loud extremists on both sides, who benefit from dividing our country, and we cannot let that happen. Divisive politics are poisonous and we must work together to overcome the gridlock on the critical issues that are facing our country. 

We will not make progress as a country if we immediately dismiss ideas simply because they come from the other side. We cannot demonize our fellow citizens simply because they have a different view. So, unlike some other politicians, I will not go to Congress to play partisan politics. I will prioritize the interests of my district and my country and fight to deliver bipartisan solutions that improve the lives of my constituents.

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