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The Beyer/China Situation

This is an update on the developing, extremely serious situation and possible national security threat in Karina’s opponent’s office:

News has broken that Karina’s opponent's Congressional office staff have significant ties to the Chinese embassy.


Don Beyer has been compromised. Our district houses the Pentagon and the C.I.A. The reality is that he is no longer fit to hold office.

Karina spent 14 years in the U.S. defense/intelligence communities, and it’s very clear that the reports of China ties in Rep. Beyer's office are a serious problem. This must be investigated thoroughly by law enforcement and Congress.

Beyer is on committees with international tax and trade jurisdiction and access to sensitive information.

Don Beyer has set tax and trade policy impacting solar imports from China. He has drafted and passed laws governing semiconductor chips and electric vehicle batteries using materials mined in China. Don Beyer is too close to China and way too far apart from the values of Northern Virginia.

Virginia’s 8th Congressional District is is full of current and former national security professionals. We have the Pentagon, and the CIA. We have many defense contractors.

This district, probably more than any other, keeps America safe. We can't afford to have a question mark in office representing us.

Karina has held top-level security clearances for over a decade.


She’s ready on Day One to step in and effectively represent this district and she shared her serious concerns with the Washington Times in this article.


Karina has spent this campaign telling Northern Virginia voters why she would be better at the job than Beyer. This is just the latest example.

It’s time for change - it’s time for Karina. We’re in the closing days of this campaign.

If you want to help Karina remove Beyer from office, now is the time to donate to her campaign.

Click here or below to support Karina now.

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