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Dollar Bills


I will staunchly oppose any measures that seek to increase taxes, I will work to get our inflation under control, stop wasteful government spending and bring high-paying jobs back to the U.S. 

In Biden's America, inflation is the highest it's been in 40 years. The cost of fuel, groceries, utilities, and everyday goods are through the roof. As your Congresswoman I will get our economy back on track.

I am the only candidate (as of April 2022) to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which is my promise to the people of Northern Virginia I will never raise your taxes.    

Our government is addicted to debt. We must get spending under control, but first, we must cut off the stream of taxpayer money going to the federal government, and that starts with not raising taxes and then reforming social spending programs. 

The outsourcing of the manufacturing of goods has to end! I will work with domestic manufacturers, union and non-union, to develop smart, pro-growth tax policies that will ensure we do everything to make products here in America.

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