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Energy & Environment

We must embrace a truly all-of-the-above energy strategy that includes renewables and oil and natural gas. I will support manufacturing renewable components here in America, tapping our own natural resources, and a climate policy that doesn’t harm American families and workers, and where the U.S. is not the only country doing this alone. 

America has been blessed with an abundance of oil and natural gas. We can put thousands of American men and women to work in high-paying jobs, while generating tax revenue to the federal government through royalty sharing programs and ending our reliance on foreign energy. As we transition to a cleaner economy, this must be a part of the solution.


Renewable energy has great promise for our country – but it cannot exist forever with government handouts, and we cannot be reliant on other countries to supply the necessary parts such as imported solar components. We must incentivize the production of renewable energy components here at home, and until then, ensure the critical and rare earth mineral supply chain does not include forced labor. 


Addressing environmental concerns should not mean raising taxes on American families and businesses while the rest of the world continues to operate under business as usual. If we are to truly address any environmental issues, it must begin with a global understanding that the U.S. will never go-at-it-alone. 


As your Congresswoman I will support safe domestic exploration and policies that expedite permitting, as increased domestic supply can help alleviate the price at the pump. I will also encourage Gov. Youngkin to suspend the state gas tax temporarily to provide relief to your wallet. At the same time, I will push for electric vehicles and renewable energy parts to be made right here in America, ending our reliance on China and other adversarial countries. I support policies promoting clean air, water, and near-zero or zero emissions technologies, but I will never do so at the expense of raising taxes on families in this country, or hurting our businesses.

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