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Foreign Policy

Russia, China and North Korea are the biggest external threats facing the United States right now. With Northern Virginia being mere miles from DC, the Pentagon, and housing some of the best defense and national security minds in the world, this issue is a top priority for me. 

I have spent over a decade working in the national defense and intelligence sectors. I speak multiple languages fluently, and can have conversations in many others. I have worked on defense and security issues on the ground in dozens of countries. 

I am ready to receive top secret intelligence briefings, digest the information, and make an informed decision on day one to ensure our safety and interests are never compromised. 


The current Administration has let us down with their lack of foreign policy leadership and blundered international relations – and bad actors have exploited our perceived weakness. The mismanaged withdraw of troops and citizens from Afghanistan, and the invasion of Ukraine, should have never happened.


We must not appease dictators like Xi and Putin, who only understand and respect strength. Our strength must be demonstrated through proactive and clear policy, military second-to-none, and decisive actions. 

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