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As an immigrant myself, I can personally attest to how beneficial legal immigration is to this country.  But, illegal immigration brings drugs, crime, sex trafficking, and must be stopped. I will support policies that repeal Biden's open borders and protect the rights of those who want to come to this country legally.

Our immigration policy must work for everyone - that means enforcing the laws for illegal immigration and at the same time, providing a straight-forward path for those who choose to enter this great country legally, like myself, my mother, and my grandparents did in the early 90s.  


The integration of immigrants into our society strengthens America. The discussion on immigration is often focused on who comes in and who doesn’t, but very little on what happens after immigrants have arrived. Once immigrants pass through our borders legally, we should do everything possible to ensure they assimilate, and contribute, to our society. 


Illegal immigration must be stopped! The rate of drug overdoses, especially fentanyl deaths, sex abuse and trafficking, child-separations at the border, is largely due to illegal immigration. As your Congresswoman I will support policies that utilize 21st century technologies to stop illegal activity at our borders, and legislation that provides Customs and Border Protection (CBP) the resources they need. 

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