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Today, Karina Lipsman, Congressional candidate for VA-08, announced that her campaign has raised over $60,000 – far surpassing the 2020 GOP nominee, and the campaign anticipates, all other current primary opponents, in the last 40-days.

Lipsman, a native of Ukraine and an expert in defense and national security policy, has raised all her funds from residents of the district, and close friends and family. She has not contributed one cent of her own money, and she has not taken any corporate or Political Action Committee (PAC) dollars. By focusing on representing the interests of all citizens who live in the district, the momentum her campaign is gaining clearly separates her from the pack as the front-runner in this race.

“The men who have represented this district for decades, and the same names you see on the ballot time and time again do not have the interests of our district in mind,” Lipsman said. “I am humbled by my upbringing and my diverse group of supporters, and I am truly thankful for this opportunity.” Last cycle, the GOP nominee Jeff Jordan raised a total of $96,035, with 28% of that being self-funded. Currently, Jordan has posted $9,125.20 for Q1, 100% of which has been self-funded by the candidate. As of today, Heerak Kim has posted $2,700 with $2,400 being self-funded by the candidate. The only other candidate listed on the Federal Election Committee (FEC) website, the mandatory official government finance disclosure agency, is Monica Carpio, who has posted zero dollars.

Nicolas M. Chaillan, Former Air Force and Space Force Chief Software Officer, and one of Lipsman’s early backers, says she’s a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale and repetitive electorate. “[Karina] is the only candidate who has the international background, real world work experience, the intellect, temperament, and leadership ability to lead us towards a better future. Her background in defense and nuanced understanding of our biggest challenges prepare her to lead from the first day. She is well informed about international and domestic issues, is a deliberate thinker, and loves the diversity and the people who call Northern Virginia home,” said Chaillan



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