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Karina Becomes 1st VA-08 Candidate to Sign Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Karina Lipsman is the first candidate in VA-08 to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, thereby promising to the constituents to never raise net taxes!

Created by Americans for Tax Reform President, Grover Norquist, at the request of President Ronald Reagan to help enforce and support the tax cuts of 1986, the Pledge is a commitment to constituents that their taxes will never be raised. Currently, 44 members of the US Senate, 180 US House members, and 15 Governors have signed the Pledge.

“I am not making a commitment to an organization or a person, rather I am making a commitment to the constituents of Virginia’s 8th district that I will never raise their taxes. When politicians decide to raise taxes, they are failing to govern. Taxes are a cowardice way for elected officials to say ‘I am making a decision’ when all they are doing is passing the buck. Unlike Congressman Beyer, I will never pass the bill of wasteful government spending onto the American public. I encourage all my opponents to make this same commitment to our constituents.” – Karina Lipsman

At a time when gas prices are high, inflation is through the roof, and the government wants to take away rights from parents, are higher taxes really what this country needs?

Karina is against higher taxes and will never feed the government's debt addiction by raising your taxes!



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