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Lipsman’s national defense expertise positions her as the only candidate ready on day one to keep Northern Virginia safe.

ARLINGTON, VA – Today, Karina Lipsman, Congressional candidate for VA-08, announced a “DAY ONE” campaign promise as the only candidate who can keep Northern Virginia safe as soon as she takes the Oath of Office.

Leveraging her decade-plus experience in the national defense and intelligence sector here and abroad, as well as other unique skill sets that set her apart from anyone else running for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, Lipsman is honored to have the chance to put her expertise to work for the country. In a statement she said:

“With my 14 years of experience in the national defense and intelligence sector, I am the only candidate who is ready on Day One to receive top secret intelligence briefings, analyze the information, and make informed decisions. Our biggest external threats are Russia, China, and North Korea. I speak Russian, I can have conversations in multiple languages, and I have worked on defense issues in dozens of countries on six continents. I’ve held the highest security clearances. We are only a few miles from Washington, D.C., the Pentagon, and other installations of global importance. If Putin does the unthinkable and decides tomorrow, he wants to push the red button, it is going to impact the 8th District and all of Northern Virginia. I will come to my first day in office with the global contextual

backgrounds on geopolitical conflict in these regions, the complex understanding of national defense mechanisms, tools, and options available to diffuse global conflict, and a unique appreciate for the intelligence and deployment sectors that will ultimately execute on decisions made in the Halls of Congress. I have made it very clear I wish to serve on the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Foreign Affairs Committee. Northern Virginia is far too important to wait for elected officials to ‘get up to speed.’ I am prepared to serve in these areas on Day One!”



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