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Notably, the event’s attendees ranged significantly in age, gender, and race and definitely didn’t look like your typical group of GOP party faithfuls.

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Richmond's Morning News

Karina Lipsman talks to John Reid about her nomination and her campaign for office

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Virginia Republicans pick nominees in three House districts

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Karina Lipsman, whose family emigrated from Ukraine when she was a child, has been selected as the Republican nominee

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Lipsman ran away with the race, winning 61.5 percent of the weighted vote in a five-candidate GOP field.

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Local Republicans nominated Arlington resident Karina Lipsman on Saturday to seek the U.S. House seat currently held by Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.).

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Fox News

"We had intelligence for months that we could have acted on that said Russia was going to invade, and we had all these possible scenarios that we could have played out – the least likely of which was that full invasion by Russia into Ukraine … which is exactly what we're experiencing right now," Lipsman told Fox News Digital."

Fairfax GOP

Karina Lipsman's interview with Conversations that Count, hosted by the Fairfax Republicans. Karina talks about her campaign and the issues that are most critical for her community.



Virginia US House candidate Karina Lipsman discusses protecting Social Security and Medicare with American Association of Senior Citizens President Saul Anuzis.


Daily Caller

Karina Lipsman was 8 years old when her family fled from the former Soviet Union. Now, Karina is running for Congress in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.


Republican Standard

A candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District has a unique perspective on the catastrophe unfolding before our eyes in Ukraine: firsthand exposure to the country’s history and the Soviet mentality that governed it at the time from living there.