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Karina Lipsman is a refugee immigrant from Odessa, Ukraine who has lived the American Dream and wants to ensure that dream is available to ALL Northern Virginians!

Her campaign is focused on delivering common sense solutions to Washington to achieve common goals for all. Those goals: more money in your wallets, preserve your retirement and savings accounts, lowering energy costs, combating inflation, and protecting our children. 


Our current elected officials do not understand our struggles, feel the impacts of inflation, or represent the diversity of our district.

Committed to bringing opportunity, prosperity, and a better tomorrow for ALL Northern Virginians. 

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Common Sense Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

A Fresh Vision for Virginia's 8th District

“I am committed to working for you because I am you. As a refugee legal immigrant from Odessa, Ukraine, I understand the value of hard work and perseverance. The American dream is slipping away due to out-of-touch, failed policies. I will bring opportunity, prosperity, and a better tomorrow for all Northern Virginians!”

- Karina Lipsman