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Fair Trade  

A global trading system is important for everyone, but the U.S. must never be taken advantage of. We need fair trade policies that ensure our trading partners are operating under high human rights, labor, and ethical standards, and are paying living wages to their workers. 

For years, unfair trade practices, currency manipulation, and dumping placed American products at a disadvantage worldwide, and undercut our domestic workforce.  


Free and fair-trade agreements can and should be negotiated, in good faith with our allied trading partners. We must ensure that they are operating under fair labor laws, humane and ethical standards, and paying fair wages to their workers.  


While tariffs can be a tool in the arsenal to ensure equity among trading partners, exemptions must be considered for American companies importing products that simply cannot be made in the United States. With that in mind, as your Congresswoman I will also support policies that encourage the manufacturing of products here in American when at all possible. 


We must not let other nations, such as China, gain the cutting edge in technologies like chip manufacturing and rare earth mineral mining that are critical to our national security. We need a strategy that looks to the future and features a landscape that favors the United States.

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