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Common sense is our common goal. I’m running for Congress to set an example of serving my nation, to represent my neighbors, and to leave the system better off for the next generation. It is time for new energy and a fresh vision for Northern Virginia.

- Karina Lipsman


We must fight the dangerous voices that call for defunding the police. I will always support measures that strengthen our law enforcement agencies and improve their effectiveness.


I will staunchly oppose any measures that seek to increase taxes and will focus on eliminating wasteful government spending and getting our finances in order.

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We must fight the dangerous voices that call for lowering educational standards in the name of equity.

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We must embrace a truly all-of-the-above energy strategy that includes renewables and oil and natural gas. I will support manufacturing renewable components here in America, tapping our own natural resources, and a climate policy that doesn’t harm American families and workers, and where the U.S. is not the only country doing this alone. 

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We must ensure our trading partners are operating under fair labor laws, humane and ethical standards, and paying fair wages to their workers.

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I have spent over a decade in the defense industry and have held the highest levels of security clearance. I’m well-aware of the threats facing our country. I’ll be prepared to lead on my first day to ensure that our safety and interests are never compromised.


Illegal immigration is a crime, and we should not encourage crime. Illegal immigration must be halted using 21st century technologies and the rate of immigration must remain below the rate of integration of immigrants in our country.


We feel contempt for those who abort a pregnancy because of the baby’s gender. Just because some construe abortion as a matter of bodily autonomy, does not make it any less wrong than those who pursue sex-selective abortions.

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We should endeavor to ensure US importers and domestic producers source their products from countries with high labor and human rights standards.


We must provide veterans the freedom to choose public or private options, help them pursue their benefits.

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